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    [作者]  王瑾瑜



        十一.excepted 是當動詞用的except的過去分詞,它后置于名詞或代詞之

    后作定語,例如:1.Everyone e lse,the sick excepted, muststart out at once.

    除病號外,其他人都必須立即出發。2.All thosewho to ok part in the

    plot,nobody excepted,were punished.凡參與這一陰謀者,無人例外,均受到


        十二.on top of (in addition to;over and above), 例如:He borrowed


        50 from me for the journey and then, on top of that ,asked me if he

    could borrow my car . 為了旅游他向我借了50美元,此外,又問可否借我的


        十三. outside (except ), 例如:He has no occupationoutside his office

    work.他除了上班 以外沒有別的工作。

        十四.over and above(in addition to;besides ), 例如:Thewaiters get

    good tips over and abo ve their wages. 這些男服務員除工資外還有可觀的


        十五.than被置于none,no other,else,otherwise,different 等之后,例

    如:1.He had no clothes othe r than those he was wearing.除身上穿的,

    他沒有別的衣服。2.I can't do other than obey.除了服從, 我別無選擇。3.He

    did nothing else than watch televisionall day.他除了整天看電視外,什么

    也沒有干 。

        十六. save that (正式用語), saving (except; with theexception of),


        A.1.We know nothing about him save that he was in thearmy during the

    war.我們除了知道他 戰時曾在陸軍服務外,其他一無所知。2.Nothing remains

    saving these ruins.除了斷壁殘垣, 其他蕩然無 存。

        B.save for(but,except).例如:The screen was all darksave for one

    bright spot.除一個光點 外,屏幕上一片黑暗。

        十七.short of(except),例如:Nothing short of a hearttransplant can

    save the patient.除 了給病人進行心臟移植手術外,別無他法。

        十八.unless( except), 例如:Nothing will come of it,unless disaster.

    除了引起禍端,不會 有任何結果。

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