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    [作者]  王振國




    同的涵義。例如a white day可 譯為"白色的日子",但在英國,白色往往表

    示"純真"、"崇高"、"吉祥"、"幸福"之意。a white da y意為"吉日"


    詞組往往有其特 殊意義或習慣用法,這些都是在翻譯顏色詞時不可忽略之處。


        1. RED:

        (1)The president was treated to the redcarpet in Rome. 總統在羅馬


        (2)It was a red-letter day in the history of Chinese revolution. 這

    是中國歷史上值得紀念的日 子。

        (3)A thief was caught red-handed in the act of breaking open alock.

    一個竊賊在砸開鎖時被當 場抓獲。

        (4)You said that l am very good. ls my face red? 你說我很好,真使


        (5)When he started criticizing my work,l really saw red. 當他批評

    我的工作時,我就冒火、發脾 氣。

        (6)There is too much red-tape in obtaining an identity card. 領身


        (7)They had to sell the firm because for years they had operated it

    in the red. 因為經營這 家公司幾年來一直虧損,所以他們只好把它賣掉。

        (8)We'll soon be out of the red. 我們很快就會扭虧為盈。

        (9)Every time he comes to New York,he wants to paint the town red.

    每次來紐約,他都要痛飲一 番。

        2. GREEN:

        (10)He is still green to his job. 他對其工作尚無經驗。

        (11)Do you see any green in my eye? 你認為我幼稚可欺嗎?

        (12)lf you want to be a successful gardener,of course you've gotto

    have green fingers. 假如 你想當個稱職的園工,那你就得有園藝技能。

        (13)She is a green hand in teaching English. 在英語教學中,他還是


        (14)Mother gave us the green light to go on the camping trip this

    summer. 媽媽準許我們今年 夏天去野營一次。

        (15)He has a green wound in the left breast. 他左胸上有一新傷口。

    3. BLUE:

        (16)He is proud of his blue blood. 他因出身名門貴族而驕傲。

        (17)Things are looking extremely blue. 情況極其不妙。

        (18)True blue will never stain. 真金不怕火煉。

        (19)She ran and ran until she was blue in the face. 她跑啊跑啊,累


        (20)lt's once in a blue moon that you get a chance like that. 你得


        (21)He can read like a blue streak. 他看書極快。

        (22)The bad news came like a bolt out of the blue. 這消息來得如青


        (23)John arrived out of the blue. 約翰突然來了。

        (24)A rainy day always gives me the blues. 下雨天總是使我心情抑郁。

        4. BROWN:

        (25)The leaves browned slowly. 樹葉漸漸枯了。

        (26)We are all of us done brown. 我們都上當了。

        (27)When she gives a dinner party,she always does it up brown.她舉


        (28)l'm browned off,sitting here all day with nothing to do. 我整

    天坐在這兒沒事干,感到抑郁 無聊。

        (29)Aim at one bird, don't blaze into the brown. 瞄準一只打,不要


        (30)l tried to attract his attention,but he was in a brown study. 我

    企圖吸引他的注意力,可是 他仍在沉思默想。

        5. BLACK:

        (31)The black dog is over him. 他意氣消沉。

        (32)Tom is the black sheep of his family. 湯姆是個敗家子。

        (33)Next time l see him, l'll give him a black eye. 下次我見到他一


        (34)She gives me a black look. 她對我怒目而視。

        (35)He blacked out the words he didn't want. 他涂掉不想要的詞。

        (36)He came out of the fight black and blue. 打架之后,他遍體鱗傷。

        (37)He gave me assurance in black and white. 他給我作出了書面保證。

        6. WHITE:

        (38)They treated us white. 他們公正地對待我們。

        (39)My children have bled me white. 我的一切都為孩子花光了。

        (40)He said he didn't want to have a white-collar job and sit in an

    office all day. 他說他 不愿意做文職工作,整天坐在辦公室里。

        (41)Although they got a lot of nice wedding presents,they alsogot one

    or two white elephants . 雖然他們收到許多很好的結婚禮品,但也得到幾件


        (42)Don't show the white-feather fight for your beliefs. 不要怯懦,


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